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Top Vacation Rentals Near Zion

Top Vacation Rentals Near Zion You’ll find many options for vacation rentals near Zion in Southern Utah.  Some are single-family houses, some are apartments, and others are condos.  In price they range from $90 per night to $550 per night.
Watchman Villas For first class condominiums, the Watchman Villas in Springdale, Utah do not disappoint.  The villas stand just five minutes from the entrance to Zion National Park.  The Watchman provides the three Cs: convenience, class, and comfort.  If vacation condos were rated on the star system like hotels, they’d be four to five stars.  The villas are elegant, roomy, and contain everything you’d want, including the kitchen sink.  The views from your rooms are of the colorful and majestic, towering cliffs and mountains of Zion National Park.  Rentals cost from $250 to $550 per night.
LV3 A cozy and less expensive vacation rental near Zion is LV3, a two-bedroom house in Laverkin, Utah, near Hurricane, Utah, for about $90 per night.  Laverkin s…

The Best Vacation Destinations in Southern Utah

The Best Vacation Destinations in Southern Utah Choosing the best vacation destinations in Southern Utah is like choosing your favorite food or, possibly, your favorite child.  Not easy to do.  Southern Utah is a geologist’s paradise with its diverse topography, national parks, and desert and mountain landscapes; consequently, the vacation spots are numerous and varied, so the “best” depends on what you like to see and do.
Hunting and Fishing If you like hunting and fishing, you could hit southeastern Utah for desert bighorn sheep, south central Utah for the only free-roaming herd of bison (buffalo) in America, many regions for deer, antelope, and elk, and eastern Utah for game birds.  For fishing, there are many lakes and rivers to challenge the angler.  One of the favorite vacation destinations in Southern Utah is Lake Powell, a huge labyrinth of the dammed-up Colorado River which provides boating, swimming, house-boat relaxing, and fishing for striped bass, small-mouth bass, crapp…

Restaurants in Springdale, Utah

THE TOP RESTAURANTS IN SPRINGDALE, UTAH How could Springdale, Utah get any better? Already possessing some of the most spectacular scenery in the country, some wonderful hotels, and being the gateway into Zion, the third most popular national park in America, it has evolved into a paradise for food lovers, too. From Mexican to Asian to European, to American foods, Springdale has it all. For your dining pleasure, this article presents some of the top restaurants in Springdale, Utah.
The King’s Landing Bistro The King’s Landing Bistro has a reputation for excellent food and drink to delight the palate and calm the mind. Reviewers consistently rank it as a top restaurant in Springdale. Chef King and Chef Ngyuen are skilled when it comes to beautiful and delicious American dishes, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free offerings. A variety of cocktails, beers, and wines augment the experience at King’s. The address for King’s Landing Bistro is 1515 Zion Park Boulevard.
CafĂ© Soleil …