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Springdale in the Fall: The Best Time to Visit

If you’ve never been to Springdale Utah during the Fall, you need to pull out your calendar right now, choose a two to three-day span sometime in the next 2 months, and write in “trip to Springdale Utah”. As most everyone knows, Springdale is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. But in the Fall, it's something else entirely. Let us explain.
Fall Colors The combination of the multicolored cliffs of Zion National Park and the lush vegetation native to the area already creates a wonderland of eye candy. But when Fall hits and the trees change colors, it’s a photographer's most glorious dream ever. You simply won’t believe your eyes. It’s like you stepped into a lifelike painting and everything around has somehow been manufactured because it’s that beautiful. In addition to all of this, Springdale Utah's position is so perfectly placed by Mother Nature as to allow for a practically perfect view 360 degrees around you no matter where your stand. When you stand outside on…

The History of Springdale

The History of Springdale The indigenous people who inhabited the area known today as Springdale date back as early as 500 A.D. This is where Springdale history begins. Archeological research then shows that around 1200 A.D., the Anasazis left the Zion area. When early European settlers began to show up, tribes of Paiute people were found living there near the Virgin River. In 1776, these European settlers crossed the Virgin River through modern-day LaVerkin, UT and were part of what was called the Dominguez-Escalante party. Though they didn’t settle here, they are considered the first outsiders to venture through the Zion Canyon area.

Finally, in 1862, the first settlement was established and would eventually be given the name Springdale (by a man named Albert Petty, some records say). Mormon pioneers traveled to Southern Utah to build a cotton mission when they discovered the majesty of Zion Canyon. As was the case with virtually all pioneers traveling West during this period in hi…
If there’s one thing that Springdale is known for, it’s beauty is probably at the top of the list. The combination of Zion National Park’s natural wonders that surround the city and the dedication that the residents, business owners, and city council members have in making the city look incredible puts Springdale a cut above the rest. One aspect of Springdale that often gets overlooked that certainly adds to its beauty and overall appeal are the Springdale city parks. These two locations are gorgeous and pristine and are wonderful places to spend time while you’re here.

Don’t be ashamed if you love this town and haven’t known about the Springdale city parks; well, one of them at least. One of them is near impossible to spot from the main road due to its somewhat concealed location. The “concealed” one tends to be the more popular of the two overall, but the truth is that they are both fantastic. But let’s start with the hidden gem.

This park is located off of Lion Blvd next to the Sp…

3 Vacation Spots in Utah That Deserve More Attention

Spring break destination lists almost never include any location in the State of Utah, but in our opinion, that’s everyone’s loss. Utah plays host to five national parks and a slew of state parks. Sure, none of these places include beaches, but it’s time that we expand our getaway options because by not doing so you’re really selling yourself short and missing out on some incredible opportunities. Whether you’re planning on taking a trip with friends, with family, or by yourself, Utah is a fantastic place, particularly if you like your vacations to be full of mind-blowing things to look at. Here are four Utah vacation spots that deserve more attention that are sure to cause Instagram overload and a ton of priceless memories.
Escalante Petrified Forest This forest is home to trees thousands of years old and are fascinating to see. This place is also very well-known for horseback and ATV riding as well as traditional outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and hiking. And if Escalant…