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Industry Trends in 2018 for Vacation Rentals - Part 1

The vacation rental industry is as exciting as any other modern industry. With all the change and growth that happens with each passing year, being involved with vacation rentals near Zion or anywhere in 2018 has already been and will continue to be quite an experience. It is expected that by the beginning of 2019 the industry will have exceeded $35 billion. Here is an explanation of existing trends that are likely to continue as well as new trends that are expected to surface in 2018.
The most popular type of vacation rental - beach property - will remain king As has been the case for many years, destination locations with beaches will most certainly continue to be the most visited places in the world. However, it is interesting to note that because of the growing popularity of vacation rentals, large coastal resorts no longer hold an exclusive grasp on the lodging market in these areas. More property owners every year are making oceanside homes available for rent to tourists provid…

Stress-Eliminating Suggestions For Travelers

Have you ever gone on a vacation where everything went according to plan, every itinerary item was met with exactness, and you didn’t have to change plans at all? It’s unlikely. There are some things that you can do to eliminate a large majority of potential vacation hurdles in advance, even when staying at vacation rentals and hotels in Zion, as well as help your trip be as stress-free as possible. Consider the following suggestions.
Understand Why People Often Get Stressed Out On Vacation We find that the reason the majority of people can’t relax when they take a trip and stay at hotels in Zion is that their vacations are so few and far between that they simply aren’t used to being away from the stresses of everyday life and it’s difficult to simply unplug. A great way to fix this problem is to do everything you can to take breaks (even if they last only one day on the weekend) and go somewhere. Let your mind and body experience as often as feasibly possibly taking breaks.
Go On Lo…

How the Vacation Rental Industry Went Mainstream

The percentage of frequent travelers who regularly or semi-regularly choose to stay in vacation rentals (including Airbnb options) is rising every year. To say the vacation rental industry is booming would be an understatement. The industry as a whole has been on the rise for some time now. Figures from 2017 estimated the vacation rental industry, including Zion National Park accommodation, at over $150 billion. One interesting fact is that of all nationalities, Europeans book vacation rentals the most (which could be attributed to staying in “holiday homes” which is common in European culture and has been for years). In fact, according to data, approximately 50% of all European travelers in 2015 stayed in private accommodations which include places such as homes that are owned privately, individual couches and rooms that are formally rented, offerings by travel management companies, and park lodges.

Americans are the runners-up in frequency of vacation rental bookings. As far back a…

How To Create a Small Business Out of Your Vacation Rental

Because we are passionate about vacation rentals, we want to make sure that over time we cover some relevant topics that have to do with all different aspects of the industry, including some that are directed primarily to those of you who own a vacation rental property of your own or are considering the purchase of one. Getting into the standard or luxury vacation rental business can be very profitable if executed properly. Those who get involved do so typically to create for themselves an additional stream of income. But in order to turn a profit with a standard or luxury vacation rental, it takes more deliberate action than simply listing it on booking sights and waiting for people to pay you to stay there. When it comes to a luxury vacation rental, the most successful property owners treat this little side gig with the mindset of a small business owner. You have to be serious about your level of customer service as if you were running a storefront, for example. You have to find ou…