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The 3 Best Southern Utah Tourist Destinations

The State of Utah is so packed full of tourist destinations that it’s almost not fair. Just in terms of the number of national and state parks alone, it's near the top of the list. There are many other places that could easily and arguably be on this list, but here are what think are the three best tourist destinations in Southern Utah.
Zion National Park Sure, we’re a little biased considering Watchman Villa’s location. But the truth is we wouldn’t expect many to disagree with our decision to place Zion on this list. Zion National Park is unarguably one of the best national parks in the Nation, and it’s right here in Utah. 4 million+ visitors per year don’t lie, that’s for sure. The number of iconic locations inside the Park alone can make a long list. Known for towering cliffs of red rock, memorable river hikes, classic hikes, unforgettable natural scenery, and an endless supply of outdoor activities - not to mention the town of Springdale is one of the best-kept secrets in tou…

10 Itinerary Recommendations For Your Upcoming Trip to Zion

Having trouble finalizing your upcoming Zion itinerary? Consider the following recommendations so that you can pull off the best vacation ever!
The Narrows Considered by many travel enthusiasts as Zion’s best attraction, hiking The Narrows is certainly a singular experience, to say the least. Walking (and wading) through clear, flowing water between towering cliff walls has to be done to fully grasp how incredible it is. Your eyes will never forget it. That’s a guarantee.
Emerald Pools Whether you decide to hike only the lower (and most popular) section or all the way up through the upper section, Emerald Pools is a Zion mainstay due its easy accessibility and memorable scenery. Bring the little ones with you for the lower section but probably leave them at the hotel for the upper section.
Climbing There are many awesome climbing spots in Zion. Whatever style of climbing you prefer, Zion has opportunities for them all no matter what your experience level.
Canyoneering Speaking of can…

Lodging Advice For Zion National Park Visitors

Whether your upcoming trip to Zion National Park is your first one ever or your thirtieth, the city of Springdale, UT is always ready and waiting to give you the best possible vacation imaginable. Where lodging is concerned, it could be argued that nobody does it better than Springdale, UT. There’s something for everyone when it comes to sleeping arrangements. But regardless of whether you’re an RV park person or a luxury hotel person, you would be well to consider a few tricks of the trade, so to speak, where Springdale is concerned. Yes, this little town is fully capable of handling and entertaining over four million visitors a year (and does so with style and grace), there are still some pieces of advice that, if followed, will result in a smoother, stress-free trip to the most beautiful place on Earth, Zion National Park.
Make your reservation as far in advance as possible Of course, some Zion vacations are planned on the whim and at the last minute, and often times that type of …

Hikes in Zion that Often Get Overlooked

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world and one of the most popular national parks in the country with between 4 and 5 million visitors every single year. Like all national parks in the United States, Zion has its most famous landmarks: Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, Observation Point, Emerald Pools, and potentially a couple more that could qualify to be on the short list. However, also like all national parks, there are other attractions and sights within the Park’s boundaries that for whatever reason don’t get near as much attention or recognition but by all accounts are just as spectacular (or close to) as their big-name counterparts. This article sheds some light on a two of the unsung hikes in Zion National Park that you need to know about.
Taylor Creek Trail Also known as “the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek,” this is family-friendly, all-ages hike in the Kolob Canyons section of the Park. There aren’t very many official trails in this section, but this o…

Details On All Five Room Options at Watchman Villas

Watchman Villas in Springdale, UT is the perfect lodging alternative for your upcoming trip to Zion National Park. Located in Canyonland Village (a newly constructed section of Springdale) only 1 mile from the entrance of Zion National Park, these spacious accommodations are perfect for guests of any variety. Staying in the Villas gives you more privacy and more space than you’ll get at a traditional hotel, not to mention maximum comfort and luxury. At Watchman, there are five villas to choose from, all of which are spectacular. Staying here places guests steps from a Zion Canyon Shuttle stop as well as providing direct access to the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center, being located on the premises. Below is a list of each available option and their features.
Villa 1 - The Aspen Located directly above the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center on the second floor, The Aspen certainly boasts one of the best possible lodging locations in all of Springdale. It is the only …

3 Reasons to Stay at Watchman Villas

There are a surprising amount of lodging options in the town of Springdale. Some of them are stereotypical hotels in the traditional sense, some of them are 5-star resorts, and others are somewhere in between. Before going any further, let us be the first to say that no lodging choice in Springdale is a bad one, and that certainly can’t be said about every destination location. The amount of pride and meticulous care that locals and business owners take to make their town a cut above the rest is beyond exceptional. However, no matter where you travel for a vacation, there are always a small number of establishments that have that little extra something; something special that separates them from the rest. Watchman Villas is one of those places. Watchman incorporates 5 unique condos that provide the highest quality of comfort, luxury, privacy, and convenience. Here are 3 reasons why people choose Watchman Villas when they stay visit Zion National Park.
Location Watchman is located in …

Top 5 Things to See On Your First Trip To Zion National Park

Here are five site recommendations for first-time visitors to Zion National Park.
Zion-Mt. Carmel Scenic Highway This is a road that is just chock full of a literal overload of incredible sight. Zion-Mt. Carmel Scenic Highway acts as essentially as Springdale, UT’s main street, but it’s length stretches much further out and encompasses much of the surrounding area. From the comfort of your own vehicle, you can experience a visual feast. Majestic rock faces and cliffs, colorful trees and other plant life, and if you are lucky you may even see some animals such as mountain goats or deer. There are many scenic pull-off areas where you can stop, stretch, take some pictures, and relax as you see the unbelievable landscapes all around you. Bathrooms are sparse along this road so make sure you take care of that need first before heading out.
Checkerboard Mesa This portion of the article is dedicated to a particular scenic stop area as previously mentioned. While you’re driving on Zion-Mt. C…

4 Reasons to Vacation in Springdale, UT

Springdale, UT is a small city in Southern Utah with a population of approximately 600 people. Don’t be fooled by its small number of permanent residents, however. This little town is rapidly becoming one of the most oft-visited tourist destinations in the country, and there’s a very convincing reason for all of this. Hint: one of Springdale’s nicknames is “The Gateway to Zion.” It just so happens that if you want to visit Zion National Park and you need a place to stay, Springdale is that place. It is where the entrance to the Park is located. And what a place it is. You’d be wrong to assume that the city simply piggybacks on its fortuitous location to claim its fame and leaves it at that. Residents, business owners, and tourist boards have worked - and continue to work - very hard to make their city as appealing and unique as possible to visitors, and saying that they’ve succeeded would be an understatement. Here are 4 reasons why planning your next vacation for Springdale would be…