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The Benefits of Traveling - Part 2

This article is a continuation of the previous travel post The Benefits of Traveling - Part 1.
Personal Appeal Benefits The more you travel, the more stories and experiences you will have which makes you a much more interesting person in general. This is isn’t to say that you aren’t interesting already, but a well-traveled person tends to often be the focal point of many conversations because they have so much to say, so much wisdom to impart, and have new and original perspectives on things due to their travel experiences. You’ll attract more attention.
Food Benefits Many people travel as often as they do mainly because they enjoy tasting foods from different places around the world. Homemade meals certainly have their own unique appeal, but Mexican south of the border is a whole different ballgame compared to the Mexican food in the States, for example. And you haven’t truly eaten sushi until you’ve traveled to Japan and partaken of the real thing. Being cultured when it comes to f…

The Benefits of Traveling - Part 1

You’ve probably heard people talk about how travel is the best thing you can spend your money on because there are so many life benefits to traveling. So what are all of these so-called benefits? Well, for starters, the benefits of traveling are long-lasting. Positive psychological and physical changes take place (more on this later). After reading through all of the benefits listed here, you’ll understand why saying that you don’t have enough money or time shouldn’t not be an excuse for lack of travel. Cheap flights can be found with minimal effort and time can be made if you plan ahead with purpose. But we digress. Back to the benefits of travel. Here they are:
Health Benefits There are numerous health benefits to traveling. Some of the most widely experienced and written about ones include a decreased risk of heart disease and a lowering (or elimination) of stress, anxiety, and/or depression. To maximize this particular benefit, be sure to add to your itinerary times that will req…