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Villa Spotlight: The Pinyon

Of all the vacation rentals and hotels near Zion National Park, Watchman Villas is the very best. We provide the pinnacle of luxury, relaxation, privacy, and beauty in the most convenient location in town. Watchman Villas has a total of 5 units and this week we are spotlighting The Pinyon, one of our most popular villas. It is perfect if there will be a few more than two in your party and will provide more of a townhome feel compared to the apartment atmosphere of traditional hotels.

The Pinyon is the second of three total villas that include 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is the only ground-level unit with those specifications. No elevator will be needed when you book your stay in The Pinyon and you can park your vehicle right near the front door. With a total of 1300 square feet in an open design (including a courtyard patio), you will feel right at home with plenty of space to spare for relaxing. The sofa turns into a pull-out bed so in reality, you have three beds as well as a fu…

Villa Spotlight: The Aspen

Zion National Park lodging options are plentiful and all choices are worth your consideration. One of the best choices, however, is Watchman Villas in Springdale, UT. It is comprised of a total of 5 units, 4 of which are connected by way of Watchman’s main 4-plex building. The one unit that is separate from the rest is The Aspen. This particular unit is perhaps the most unique of the 5 for many reasons, but mainly because The Aspen sits atop the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center and offers one-of-a-kind amenities and views. Watchman Villas shares a parking lot with the Visitor Center so The Aspen is still located right next to the other 4 villas, but exists in a different structure.

This extremely popular Springdale vacation rental has gained notoriety in part because of its rooftop features and convenient location. Zion National Park lodging has never been more desirable. The rooftop area of The Aspen is where you will probably want to spend a good majority of your time. 1…

Vacation Rentals in Zion National Park

Searching the internet for “vacation rentals Zion National Park” will give you a whole load of options to click on. Combine all the vacation rental options with the hotels and it’s a bit overwhelming. Having many options is certainly not a bad thing, but it can make it difficult to select one, especially if your upcoming trip to Zion National Park is your first one. Springdale, UT is unique in that virtually every single choice you could possibly make when it comes to lodging would be a good one. But with vacation rentals Zion National Park has some of the absolute best in the state. With the popularity of the park increasing every year, the choices for where to lay your head during your Zion adventures have gotten better and better.

Vacation rentals have been around for many years but have recently gained a lot of traction. With the advent of things like Airbnb, modern and previously unconventional ways of lodging away from home have become much more popular. If you are looking for …

Springdale: The Ideal Christmas Getaway

The holiday season is very consistent in its ability to instill all sorts of particular emotions that lead to behaviors that aren’t consistently felt during any other time of year. Generosity, a desire to be close to family, an embrace of tradition - all of these things seem to be magnified during the months of November and December. The Christmas season also usually brings time off of work which tends to be spent with those we care about most. This holiday season, if you are looking to get away with those you love, or with that one special person, particularly if you live in Southern Utah, Springdale is the ideal Christmas getaway location. And of all the hotels near Zion, Watchman Villas near the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center is the optimal choice.

Because Watchman Villas is made up of vacation rentals rather than hotel rooms, you have significantly more privacy than you would have at a conventional hotel. Most hotels near Zion are in this more traditional vein, and t…